hunting ranches for sale out west

One of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico, the Alegres Ranch, recently sold and what a fantastic property it is.

Alegres Mountain, which reaches to over 10,000 feet in elevation, sits in the middle of the 9,958 deeded acres of the Alegres Ranch and is one of the few, if not the only, privately owned mountain of that elevation in southwestern New Mexico.

Once on top of “the mountain” the panoramic is spectacular with views of Reserve to the south, Arizona to the west, the Rio Grande Valley to the east, and the Sawtooth Mountains to the north. Alegres Mountain is covered in vegetation that is rare to southwestern New Mexico including aspen, spruce, and fir, and it is a wintering ground for many of the elk in the surrounding area.

The bottom country of this spectacular ranch property has been cleared and planted and provides perfect habitat for the wildlife that live in the area. The bottom country and meadows of the ranch leave tremendous opportunities, and potential, for future improvements.

The Alegres Ranch was one of the great centers for timber and logging back in the day and numerous cabins, and remnants of nesters and homesteaders, throughout the ranch take you back in time as you travel the roads of this magnificent ranch property.