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Elk Hunting in New MexicoAs any elk hunter knows drawing a quality tag in the west is like winning a small lottery. The law of supply and demand is becoming very apparent with western big game hunting. It is now taking 10-20 years/points to draw the desirable units in states like Utah, Nevada, Washington and Arizona. Due to the increase in the number of big game hunters today’s landowner tags have become the only way to be able to plan, and get on, an annual elk hunt. As a result the price of guaranteed landowner tags in every state has been raised exponentially.

The old adage “you have to pay to play” is becoming ever so true. It is true that there are still places where a hunter may still purchase an OTC (over the counter) elk tag, or draw an elk tag, with very few points. However, the likelihood of hunting an older age class animal is slim to none. In the future private land hunting may be the only way you, or your children, get to hunt quality elk in a quality area.

Aside from the investment standpoint of ranch ownership, there are many other priceless perks to owning a ranch in New Mexico.

In the elk country of New Mexico the quality ranches come with guaranteed landowner tags. These tags both hold value and can provide owners with the unique experiences of hunting elk on their own land.

Year in and year out there is the possibility of hunting quality elk exclusively on your own dirt. No application necessary, no wait, no bonus points. New Mexico should be a definite consideration for all hunters interested in investing in ranch real estate.