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Next Saturday, September 13, the annual “Pie Festival” will take place in Pie Town, NM. This sleepy little village of about 60 inhabitants will swell to over 1000 people. Activities include a pie baking contest, games, music, food, arts and crafts vendors and of course —- LOTS of pie.

The Festival will be held at Jackson Park. In addition to pies sold in the park there are two pie restaurants in town, and for those who like to be off the beaten path there is the Pie Source – Pie and Coffee house off York Ranch Road; a favorite with hikers and bikers travelling the Continental Divide Trail.

So how did Pie Town get its’ name? In the 1920’s, an enterprising man named Clyde Norman started selling dried apple pie along a trail used by cowboys and ranchers taking their cattle to the railhead in Magdalena. Eventually, the little settlement acquired a post office and became Pie Town officially. Many of the cattle ranches dating back to that era are still around and some are currently for sale.

Another event in September is the Archery Elk season…many hunters will take a few hours to leave the hunting lands to gorge themselves on pie.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of the fun in Catron County! There are always cattle ranches and hunting properties for sale and we can help you find the one for you.