cattle ranch realtor

Early summer is the finalizing time for scheduling a hunting calendar on one of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. Hunting shows have been attended, hunts have been booked and the majority of the draw results have been posted. Now it is time to repair the equipment that took a beating last year, purchase the new gear you wished you had on last years’  hunts and start all final preparations for this Fall.
There is always more to do than hours in the day. There are boots to break in, pounds to lose, legs to strengthen, knives to sharpen, rips to stich, maps to study, bows to fine tune, ammunition loads to work out, freezers to clean out and scouting trips to plan. It sounds like a taxing list, and it would be if it weren’t half the fun! Hunting is not just the few days spent in the field during the allocated time on a tag, it is the weeks and months preparing for those 7 cherished days on one of our ranch properties for sale in New Mexico. The daytime dreaming, the hope of good horn growth, the recent Cabela’s purchases, and all the preparation leading up to a hunt are part of what makes a hunter hunt. So enjoy this summer as you prepare for the greatest season of all…. the fall. Prepare, prepare, prepare!