new mexico real estate - ranches for sale both hunting and cattle ranches

As the New Year is almost here, it is time to reminisce about 2015. Thinking back over the good and the bad, it was really all good. We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of this great country. Clean air, few people, a varied landscape with 11,000 ft. mountains, large plains, forests, and abundant wildlife. During the past year we have met and worked with lots of wonderful people.

There have been adventures traveling the back roads, some no more than trails. We have seen herds of elk, an occasional bear, lots of antelope. Also fields of flowers, incredible vistas, green meadows. We hope that in 2016 we will be able to work with more folks, and help them fulfil their dreams. A list of properties available follows, however, we will be happy to assist in finding other pieces of land, be it small or large. Give us a call at 575-772-5997. We wish everyone a very happy New Year.

  1. Blue Hills Elk Ranch – $4,300,000. – 6,070 acres – 5430 deeded
  2. Farewell Canyon Ranch – $4,000,000. – 21,959 acres with custom home – 7760 deeded
  3. Gallo Mountain Ranch – $3,250,000. – 39,473 acres – 840 deeded
  4. Trotter Ranch – $2,600,000. – 3,200 acres – 2640 deeded
  5. Elk Camp Ranch – $750,000. – 596 acres – all deeded
  6. Elk Meadow Ranch – $210,000. – 140 acres – all deeded