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Just Listed; The Gallo Mountain Ranch —- $3,250.000.

Gallo Mountain Ranch is endowed with plentiful water. The ranch has 4 springs on deeded lands, Perry Lawson Spring, Sam Wilson Spring, Gallito Spring, and “the Bog”.   ! The 840 acres of deeded lands, and the springs located on them, are rare and valuable inholdings with potential for investment opportunity and rural development. Water rights to these springs are filed with New Mexico’s Office of the State Engineer. Numerous springs located within the forest lease provide water to the ranches many storage tanks.

The sub irrigated meadowland of the Gallito headquarters is surrounded by majestic ponderosa pine with a centerpiece of ancient oaks and colorful cottonwoods. An old cabin site encircled by panoramic views of the Gallo Mountains and blanketed in summer flowers adds a finishing touch to the beauty of the Gallito headquarters. Imagine your custom home sitting atop a rise with wildlife watering at a pond and livestock feeding in the meadows. !

Water from Gallito Spring is plentiful. With a more than adequate supply of water, the development of the spring with subsequent construction of water features such as a family fish pond, or a trickling brook that flows just where you want it to, is almost limitless.

The lush green meadows of Bull Camp are an oasis of serenity. A peaceful easy feeling overcomes you the moment you arrive. Quiet and secluded, Bull Camp is an ideal retreat for rest, relaxation, and/or meditation. A special spirit abides on the ranch and you can feel its magic at Bull Camp. !

Outlined by forests of ponderosa pine and juniper, an expanse of sub-irrigated pastures stretch out in all directions. A seasonal creek runs through the meadows of Bull Camp in a year with any degree of winter snow, and a new solar pump on the existing well produces a consistent flow of 20 gallons per minute. An old barn and a set of old corrals add to the charm of this captivating property, taking you back to a day when life was a whole lot simpler.

The sound of the creek as it leisurely meanders through the forested canyon bottom of Perry Lawson is pleasantly tranquil. It’s easy to visualize quite little cabins nestled on the hillsides just above the creek bottom and/or a larger lodge atop the higher plateau with sweeping views for as far as the eye can see. Easy and immediate access to Highway 32 adds to Perry Lawson’s value and it’s tremendous potential for recreational development. The creek at Perry Lawson gently meanders its way south through spring and summer pastures rising intermittently until it reaches Sam Wilson and Sam Wilson Spring

The spring at Sam Wilson is currently undeveloped but the potential for a large pond, or several smaller ponds, exists with upcoming spring improvements. Gallo Mountain Ranch has been working hand in hand with Natural Resource Conservation Services and has been approved for a 5 year grant of nearly $17,000 per year, beginning in 2014. An application has been submitted for an EQIP grant that would make additional funds available for pond and water improvements. These grants will transfer with the purchase of Gallo Mountain Ranch.