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Catron County is the largest county in New Mexico, in area. It compasses almost 7000 square miles, yet it only has a population of around 3500 folks. It is actually larger that nine States!

Catron County was settled as early as 10999 BC (start of the Clovis period). The Mogollon people lived throughout the county from 1000 AD – 1130 AD and were well known for the Mimbres culture which produced art renowned for its beauty.

In 1880, silver and gold was found in the mountains by Sgt. James Cooney. Sgt. Cooney was killed by the Chiricahua Apaches (let by Victorio) in the “Alma” Massacre. During this time, another famous leader of the Apaches – Geronimo – had several hide outs in Catron County. Later in 1880 buffalo soldiers defeated Chiricahua warriors let be Victorio in the battle of Tularosa. I 1884, Sheriff Elfego Baca became famous in the Frisco shootout in San Francisco Plaza. In the mid 1880’s, Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch gang holed up in a ranch near Alma.

The Catron County lands were part of Socorro County until 1921. Then Catron county became it’s own and was named after Thomas B. Catron.

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