new mexico real estate - ranches for sale both hunting and cattle ranches

The archery hunting season in New Mexico is over. For 25 days in September, hunters had a wonderful time searching the lands for big bullsĀ  or cows. They had to deal with all kinds of weather conditions, from warm days to thunder and lightning, rain (sometimes torrential) and even mornings with heavy fog.

This is the time that many of our cattle ranches become temporary hunting properties. However, hunting these ranches is not an easy task. Most are large – several 1000’s acres – the terrain can be steep, rocky or heavily treed.

Many adventures were had, many stories were told around campfires or relaxing in lodges, and plans were made for next year’s hunting season.

If you have never experienced Fall hunting in the Southwest mountains you certainly owe it to yourself to check it out. There are always cattle ranches/hunting properties for sale, and many of those have landowner tags available. Contact us and we will be happy to help you find one.